Accredited Staging®



An Accredited Staging® Professional(ASP) is a

dedicated professional who has studied and learned the proven

and powerful techniques of Staging® homes.


An Accredited Staging® Professional(ASP) has

successfully completed a detailed ASPcourse and passed a

required thorough examination on preparing homes for sale.


Staged® Homes traditionally present themselves better than

the competition by being clean, clutter-free, and ready to show

to prospective buyers.


An Accredited Staging® Professional(ASP) is

committed to the principles and practices of marketing

properties as Staged® Homes.





Accredited Staging® Professional

Code of Ethics


I believe in my ability to help my clients Stage® their properties.


I will follow and protect this Code of Ethics for the good of all Accredited Staging Professionals™ (ASPs).


I will establish and maintain professional policies to hold my clients accountable to prepare their homes for sale and keep them in staged showing condition until the home is sold and the inspection and appraisal are completed.


I will protect the quality of Staging by following the Staging criteria and will only using the word “Staged” to describe homes that have truly met or exceeded that criteria.


I will protect the Stage® trademark by including the registered trademark symbol (®) with any derivation of the word in any print advertising or marketing that I do.


I will protect the Accredited Staging Professional™ trademark by including the trademark symbol (™) with any marketing or print advertising that I do with the ASP™ designation.


I will honor the Staging University by not releasing my password to the University to any



I will display and market my ASP Designation in my staging marketing materials to inform

people that I am an Accredited Staging Professional™.


I will educate my clients and the public as to the meaning and origin of Staging to enhance the ASP Designation for all ASPs.


I will bring credit to the ASP Designation through my honesty, my integrity and by honoring

my clients and myself.


I will honor all ASPs with the dignity and respect of the designation for the greater good of all.



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